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Professional Driving Permit (PDP)

Prices Start from R250.00

Construction Workers

We give medical screening to people and workers in the construction and mechanical industry.

Our Construction Medicals are directed according to Regulations set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and also the new Construction controls 7 February 2014.
Before, a Medical Certificate of fitness was required for workers performing particular hazard work, for example, working at heights, tower crane operators and versatile plant operators, however since August 2015, under the new Construction regulations, all construction workers require an occupational medical certificate of fitness specific to the construction job to be performed.

Prices Start from R500.00

Insurance Medical

We know that success means nothing without well-being, which is the reason we have made it our main goal to offer you Medical Insurance that is as exceptional as you seem to be. Our far-reaching Medical insurance offers a wide variety of day-to-day benefits catering for all your medical needs.

Prices @ LOA Terrifs

Diving Medicals

Prices Start from R500.00